Thursday, March 27, 2008

King Vidor Live on WAMC 3/27/08

Our 1/2 hour Interview with Howard Glassman, during which we perform 6 songs. Here's a list of the songs we played. Just click on the image below to play the full show.

1. Goodbye Tuesday
2. Baby O Yeah
3. Player Piano
4. O Mama, I Need Love
5. Broken Days
6. Wild Messenger


As you can see, we’ve added a Snocap Song Store

from which you can purchase all or some of our album DIRTY LITTLE MILLIONAIRE.

as an added bonus, we’ve included 5 trax from the pre-King Vidor project WILDLIFE, it’s sole album, the impossibly rare A SKY-BLUE TAPE HISS.
these are the first 5 tracks in the store:

Be Mine, My Friends, Breakfast at Kingdom Come, Darker Matters, and City of Bones (acoustic version) were all recorded in the right dining room of the Rose and Kettle and the old Cramer and Cramer Law Office at the Cherry Valley Masonic Hall.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


There's a bunch of stuff on this clip, notably Sam Cooke covering "Blowin' in the Wind." This is the song that inspired Cooke to write "A Change is Gonna Come," and all of this (including the performance here) happens in the year Sam Cooke will die by gun shot wound in LA.

The clip includes The Righteous Bros., The Everly Bros., and Bobby Sherman, and it ends with The Everly's and Sam Cooke singing Lucille.