Wednesday, September 12, 2007

songs from Dirty Little Millionaire

recorded in the winter of '06 in the town of Cherry Valley, NY, Dirty Little Millionaire is the first record out of Clandestine Labs. auto-destruct is on the menu. King Vidor was born out of a series of bands named Wildlife, Coptic Zoo and Mark Twain, each formed by songwriter Clem Coleman. broke down and busted, the remnants of these projects gathered to make a record. a host of guests was brought in to embelish the songs, making Dirty Little Millionaire as much a product of the Village of Cherry Valley as the product of a quaint little "Rock and Roll Band."

broken days

goodbye tuesday

in the stalls


meet me at the movies

o mama, i need love

no headphones

soon would be nice, but never'd be better

winter is old

driver take me home

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