Monday, December 3, 2007

Songs New and Old (in demonstration format)

several songs from the book, some older most new. we've got a mini-tour in March and we're sifting through the wheat and chaff looking for little fresh notes. Voices in the Choir is my attempt to write a song for Fred Cole and Dead Moon, one of my favorite bands. Instead of Dead Moon it comes out sounding more like David Essex on a bad day. Alone But Never Lonely falls under the heading "Clem Songs with Loneliness in the Title." The Gold Band Curse: imagine you're in the greatest rock and roll band and then everything sours. Inevitable. Baby Oh Yeah is for fun-lovin' types who wanna have a cream ale by the hi-fi. Breakfast at Kingdom Come and Be Mine are untroubled older numbers from before King Vidor and before I learned the 4th rule of song writing. On The Balcony has kazoo and is my attempt to write a Nikki Sudden song.

Voices in the Choir

Alone But Never Lonely

The Gold Band Curse

Baby Oh Yeah

Breakfast at Kingdom Come

Be Mine

One the Balcony


Jim said...
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Jim said...

Breakfast at Kingdom Come:
Still one of my favorite Clem songs, if not THE. Most people take this sunny side-upside down slice of maritime psychedelia at its two-faced value, but it's really a song about football. A shakin' lounge hit for future generations that delivers today.